Email: Tel:(886)-6-295-8228 Tax: (886)-6-295-7779

Tel: (886)-6-295-8228
Tax: (886)-6-295-7779

各類華司 / 彈簧華司 Washer & Spring

Flat washer, Spring lock washer, Conical spring washer, Finish cup washer, Flange cup washer, Tooth lock washer, SEMS washer, Top serration conical washer, Spring pins, Nut spring, and Retaining rings

Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Silicon bronze, GAL, EPDM, etc.
Dimensions: per IFI, DIN, JIS and to Customer Prints.

PPAP: Available! IMDS: Available! RoHS: Compliant!


特點:品質優良, 接受獨特設計或 Logo, 競爭價格, 接受原廠委託代工製造 OEM


鉚釘 Rivet


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