Email: Tel:(886)-6-295-8228 Tax: (886)-6-295-7779

Tel: (886)-6-295-8228
Tax: (886)-6-295-7779

鑄造 / 粉末冶金 Die Casting / Powder Metal Products

Material: Iron and Carbon Steel, Iron-Copper and Copper Steel, Iron-Nickel and Nickel Steel, Prealloyed Steel, Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel,Diffusion-Alloyed Steel, Copper-Infiltrated Iron And Steel, Steainless Steel-300; 400 Series Alloy, Copper And Copper Alloys, Soft-Magnetic Alloys, Copper And Copper Alloys, Soft-Magnetic Alloys, etc.

Application: Automotive, OEM, Industrial, Electronic and Commercial Markets

Manufacture per Customer’s Sample or Drawing.
Please contact us shall you have any requirement!


特點:品質優良, 接受獨特設計或 Logo, 競爭價格, 接受原廠委託代工製造 OEM


鉚釘 Rivet
車銷類產品 Turning Products


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