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We provide Lock Nuts / Locknut

  • Nylon insert locknut
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Plating: per requirement
  • Size: M2~M48/3/16″ ~ 1-1/2″
  • DIN 982/DIN 985/NE/NTE, etc.
  • Special Request per Customer’s Sample or Drawing is welcome.
  • PPAP: Available! IMDS: Available! RoHS: Compliant!
  • Low carbon steel of nylon insert lock nut stock available!

Please contact us shall you have any requirement!

  • 材質:碳鋼
  • 表面處理:依客戶需求
  • 尺寸:M2~M48/3/16″ ~ 1-1/2″
  • 規範:DIN 982/DIN 985/NE/NTE
  • PPAP/IMDS/RoHS表面處理:皆可提供
  • 現有低碳鋼尼龍防鬆螺帽庫存品供應!!

特點:品質優良, 接受獨特設計或 Logo, 競爭價格, 接受原廠委託代工製造 OEM

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