Strux® Studs
Strux® Studs
  Strux® provide high performance in sheet metals down to 0.75mm - including high strength thin sheet steel - without welding.
Strux® Studs
Product Specifications


  • Retaining ring
  • Displacement lobes and retaining grooves
  • Variety of thread styles and materials available
  • Available as double end studs
  • Sizes from M4 to M16 (#6 to 5/8")


  • Allows use on non-weldable materials
  • Resists rotation and push-out
  • Eliminates welding operations
  • Offers more aesthetic appearance than welds
  • Facilitates assembly of hard-to-reach components

PPAP: Available!
IMDS: Available!
RoHS: Compliant!

Supplied by licensed manufacturers.
®Registered trademark licensed by Acument